At Exquisite Biewers & Golddust we strive to produce high quality & healthy Biewer & Golddust Yorkshire Terrier puppies!

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 Yorkshire Terrier Puppies For Sale Biewer & Golddust/Tan Yorkies

We are a quality Biewer Yorkshire Terrier and Golddust / Tan Yorkie breeder located in the beautiful Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia.  As a yorkie breeder we carefully select our yorkshire terrier dogs to produce high quality Golddust / Tan & Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for excellent health, conformation, and temperament, to maintain the beauty of the German Golddust & Biewer  Yorkshire Terrier breed.  We have Champion Bloodlines and we are doing very well showing our dogs in the NAKC and IABCA show ring.  Our  Exquisite Golddust & Biewer Yorkshire Terriers are raised and loved inside our home and are a precious part of our family.  As a family raising gold yorkies & biewer yorkshire terriers we occasionally have yorkie puppies for sale.

Thank You to Academy Award Winner Kathy Bates for providing Multi-Champion Austin & Brianna's beautiful pup

Exquisite's Kindred Spirit Kenny  "aka Harley" a beautiful loving home.

We are thrilled she chose this wonderful Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Breed to add to her family! 

We have always loved her movies and enjoy her show "Harry's Law"!  Harley has a very talented and special mommy!


Click on link to see Kathy Bates  Pets Video with

Retired NFL Player Brandon Whiting and his beautiful wife  former Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Amanda Whiting added  "Exquisite's  Nightingale Coquette" to their family .  They were so happy with Coquette they decided a few years later to add "Exquisite's Sophia Joy"

We are so thankful and could not ask for a more loving home for our girls ! 

Please read the letter they wrote below about their experience with Exquisite Biewers.

Elizabeth & Neal Asbury added Exquisite Golddust Trixie to their family.  Neal Asbury is Chief Executive of the Legacy Companies in addition to being a published author, he also hosts the nationally syndicated talk radio show "Truth for America".  He is a sought-after guest on National Network television News Shows that include FOX, CNN, CNBC and ABC.  Thanks for Choosing Exquisite Golddust Trixie to add to your family!

Reference letter from Brandon & Amanda Whiting


When my husband and I made the decision to add a third "fur-baby" to our family, we knew how important it was to find a breeder who truly understood that we were not just looking for a healthy puppy, but also for a family member.  As the current parents of two amazing, healthy, and happy Yorkshire Terriers, Lolita and Valentino, we were well aware of the rigors and responsibilities involved in raising and loving toy breed dogs and knew that adding one more to the pack was not a decision to be entered into lightly.   It was important that the breeder we chose to work with shared our philosophy and that their litters were considered "their family" from birth, with the parents being on-site and the puppies receiving adequate socialization. 

I have been a member of several Yorkshire Terrier and animal-rights clubs for over 7 years and have found that the small-dog loving community is a tight-knit, informative and devoted bunch.  Therefore, when I knew that I was interested in finding a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a'la pom pon female, the groups were the first place I looked to get some honest and reliable information about interactions other members had with breeders.  After contacting a few members, I was told to contact Sharon at .  Other members recommended her as a passionate, informed and quality breeder.  In speaking with her, I found that the club members were right-on with their evaluation.

As we talked, I got a wonderful sense that she truly loves what she does and maintains a high level of measure for the families that she chooses to raise her puppies.  She was very thorough and explored every avenue with me as to ensure that Coquette would be given a wonderful, fulfilling, and loving home with us and our other two pups.  After this initial conversation, I knew I found the right breeder.

Another important quality was that she made herself available for any questions or concerns we may have had until we were able to go and pick up our little girl at her sprawling, 80 acre home in Virginia.  She provided some pictures of our growing girl via email correspondence and we spoke at length about her and her littermates on several occasions.  This was especially helpful and reassuring for us as we grew more and more excited for Coquette to join our family.

All in all, we could not have been happier with the level of care and professionalism we received from day one in working with Sharon.  Anyone can breed a puppy and sell it off to an unsuspecting family.  Unfortunately, there are many out there that do which will only end up in heartbreak for the puppy and the family.  But, with Sharon we knew that we were looking forward to receiving a healthy, well-socialized puppy, just as she knew she was allowing that puppy to join a family who would always have its best interest at heart and truly consider it "part of the family".

As we approach Coquette's first birthday, we find ourselves pleasantly surprised each and every day with this sweet, silly little girl and her entertaining antics.  Playful, healthy, and unapologetically loveable, she has been the perfect addition to our family.  A wonderful girl and a funny little baby sister to Valentino and Lolita, she has truly found a place in our home and our hearts...thank you Sharon!

~Brandon and Amanda Whiting


News Flash!!

We are very proud to have the 1st United States

NAKC Golddust Jr. Puppy Champion!

  This prestigious title  with NAKC is held by

Exquisite's Quite a bit of Gold "Nicki " vom Klosterbach.  I am

extremely proud of her  and hope there are many more wins in her future!

There were 8 shows total and the judges were very impressed

with this wonderful Golddust Yorkshire Terrier. 

Nicki's winnings were  Best of Winners, Best of Breed, Best Jr. Puppy


Earning her Junior Championship in her 1st weekend showing!

At 7 months of age Nicki was also eligible to compete with

Adults and earned 3 x 2nd place and 5 x 3rd place finishes!

News Flash!!

We are very proud to have the 1st United States

NAKC Golddust Yorkshire Terrier 3 x Best in Show Puppy!

This prestigious title  with NAKC is held by

Exquisite's  Garden Grown "Copper"


5 x 1st In Group

8 x  1st Place

8 x Best Puppy in Breed

International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) accepted the Golddust Yorkshire Terrier into the show ring October 9th 2010.  Exquisite Golddust was proud to have shown the first 3 Golddust Yorkshire Terrier with IABCA in the United States.  We are so proud to have set the path and have the first IABCA Golddust Yorkshire Terrier National Champions. 



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